What are the benefits of choosing service apartments for your holidays

When it comes to traveling with your families for the holidays, the idea of getting a cheap motel room may seem ideal. However, with everything that’s going on, the last thing you would want is to get sick as a result of an unclean low quality motel room. Many travel experts proclaim that service apartments are a much better option when it comes to traveling during the holiday. Not only are they more affordable, they offer better amenities, free housekeeping and enhanced security protocols. Some service apartments even have saunas, parking space, fitness centers and private pools. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose service apartments for your next holiday trip.

More Space
If you plan to take a trip with your family, you may want something that provides a lot of space. Hotels are notoriously known to provide as little space as possible, as such, a family of 4 may feel very claustropophic by using a regular motel room. Serviced apartments are large, with the average size rental being double the space of a regular motel room. In that space, you will find a well equipped kitchen, bedroom areas and a separate living area. As such, they provide much more space that is ideal for large families.

Fully Equipped Kitchen
Motel rooms usually feature a microwave and fridge as your cooking options. Service apartments provide a well equipped kitchen packed with glasses, plates, utensils soap and more. As opposed to going to a crowded breakfast area in the hotel lobby, at a serviced apartment you can make your own breakfast, lunch and dinner in privacy. And, in most cases you can let the housecleaning team clean up the dishes after the fact.

Own Personal WIFI
Chances are that you stayed at a hotel which promised free access to their WIFI. But, once you signed in, your speeds were more than likely slowed to a crawl. This is because with a hotel Wi-Fi you share that connection with dozens of other people, which slows down the internet connection speed. With a service apartment, you and your family will get access to your own personalized Wi-Fi connection so you’ll never have to worry about slow internet speeds.

Most apartments come with several appliances that can make your stay feel ‘more at home’ than a hotel. You will get access to movie theater systems, large modern television sets, water heathers and dish washers. In some instances, you may eve get access to a washing machine, or access to an on-site laundry service team.

24 Hour Access To Reception Team
With a service apartment you’ll always have access to a dedicated support team. In hotels, you can only access the clerk at the front lobby who may be handling new visitors. But with a service apartment you gain access to a dedicated support team that is on standby 24/7. This support team consist of laundry team members, housekeeping team members and a dedicated maintenance staff that can quickly fix any issues that may occur.

At The Maple Suite We provide luxury service apartments that features an abundance of facilities such as:

  • Sauna
  • Children’s Playground
  • Squash Court
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool With Jacuzzi
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What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) And How Does It Work?

The internet has progressively turned into the primary and most of the time the only tool that buyers use to research products, services and suppliers before they purchase anything. This makes search engine marketing (SEM) a crucial segment of any business marketing strategy.

The goal of SEM is to direct people to your site with the aim of changing over those guests into clients. With SEM, it is essential to have your business website recorded close to the highest point of the search engine rankings since not very many internet clients will really take a look at search results past the first few pages. SEM can be partitioned into two classes: organic and paid. Both are equally vital.

Organic Search Engine Marketing

As you may expect, “organic” SEM is a natural approach to enhance your positioning in search engines and along these lines direct people to your site.

The most widely recognized type of organic SEM is search engine optimization (SEO). Web optimization alludes to an assortment of systems intended to help your site rank higher in search engine results. Improving your site includes doing a tiny bit of research on what watchwords or expressions your clients or potential clients are searching for when they are searching for your items or administrations online. It then includes composing web content utilizing those catchphrases in a way that is both simple for search engines to get yet at the same time decipherable and charming for your site guests.

To the extent the plan of your webpage goes, a SEO site ought to have joins from page to page that are simple for the search engine arachnids to explore and gather data.

At long last, you ought to have interfaces on other trustworthy and important locales that lead back to your site as this will expand your SEO positioning also.

Notwithstanding SEO, there are a couple of different methodologies for organic SEM that could conceivably lead straightforwardly to your site however can even now advance your business. These techniques incorporate SEO video, web-based social networking, online client audit destinations and devices, for example, Google Places.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

Usually when you are toward the start of your SEM crusade, it can be hard to get a better than average positioning organically. This is particularly valid if there is a considerable measure of rivalry in your field. In the event that you are finding this is the situation for your business, it might be justified, despite all the trouble to put resources into some paid SEM.

Pay per Click (PPC) publicizing is the most well-known type of paid SEM. PPC advertisements are the ones you see at the highest point of your Google search with “promotion” composed tactfully beside the connection. Search engines, for example, Google pitch catchphrases to the most noteworthy bidder. A pleasant aspect concerning this type of promoting is that – as the name proposes – you pay for the advertisement when somebody really taps on it.

Different types of paid SEM incorporate pennant promotions, remarketing and in addition advertisements via web-based networking media locales, for example, Facebook or YouTube.

It is typically a bit much for a business to take part in these types of SEM yet we do more often than not prescribe a blend contingent upon the business and its particular objectives.

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